Structured Cabling

In a rapidly advancing information age, it is critical to install the correct communications infrastructure. Blackbox Structured Cabling Solutions allow companies to install future proof information outlets that can transmit voice, data and other services to the corporate desktop.Blackbox systems designers have a wealth of experience in many diverse environments including copper twisted pair, optical fibre, local area networks, wide area networks, computer room design, security and surveillance systems. Our designers utilise design systems to provide detailed layouts of all voice and data cabling services, which is critical for future maintenance and alterations.Blackbox can design, project manage and install a certified structured cabling solution that is guaranteed to meet and exceed your performance needs, both now and into the future.


Virtual servers (Or Virtual Machines) are forms of software that mimic the functionality of a physical, hardware based server. Virtual Machines can be installed onto any normal server, giving the capacity for a normal server to act as multiple servers depending on the server infrastructure.They have been proven to reduce the physical foot print of datacentre hardware, providing reductions in power and cooling expense. Blackbox will design and implement a high availability server infrastructure to yield the best results from your virtual and hardware servers. This infrastructure will allow access to multiple applications and be able to handle multiple hardware faults without interrupting normal business operations.


Blackbox provides the foundation for your technology infrastructure, by providing best of breed hardware solutions for all computing needs. The hardware consists of servers, notebook computers, desktop computers, storage solutions, operating systems and networking equipment.
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